How It Works

Here we give you a glimpse into how we approach the designing of your new stunning website.

Our Design Process

A Simplified View

Your Project Idea

We start with your idea for your website. We collect as much information from you as we can and form a clear picture of what you want to do. It’s important to know what you want the end result to be. Once we accept your project, a contract will be signed and deposit made and we begin work on your new website.

The Layout

The first thing we do is to create the layout. In the Layout Stage, we lay out the structure of your site and pages, determining where text and elements should be placed and the menu structure. This stage is important as the layout is critical for an aesthetically pleasing and easily navigated site.

The Design

Now that the layout is finished, we submit it for your approval. Once we have your approval for the layout, we begin the actual design process. Here is where we utilize our professional design and graphics skills and put together all the content, elements and graphics to create your professional looking website.

Finish and Launch

After the design work is done, we test the functioning of the site and it’s appearance in all major browsers and mobile browsers. Next we complete some final steps and then with your final approval, your site is ready to be deployed to the world! You can host your new site on your own hosting or you can host it with us.

Special Features Available

Video and Video Sliders

Image Gallery

Audio Player

Circle, Number and Bar Counters

Social Media Sharing

Content Tabs, Toggles and Boxes

Call To Action

Contact Forms

Login Form

And Many More!

Frequently Asked Questions on Design Projects

How long will it take to design my website?
All projects are different. Some may require more work and have more complexity than others, therefore there is no set timetable for website design completion. Having said that, our goal is to complete every site within 2 to 3 weeks or less, but that will vary depending on many factors.
What do you include with the design project?
Every website design project is different, but we will include whatever your project needs to arrive at a professional website you will be proud of. We do what every professional designer should do: spell checking, using proper fonts and elements, proper browser and device testing, ect. We also provide a great selection of design elements and features to help your site look great and function like you need it to.
What do you need from me?
We will need you to provide us with appropriate content to place on your website, such as informational content, photos or other content, and to do so in a timely manner. If you need us to provide some content and images, this will be spelled out in the project contract under your and our responsibilities.
What about updates or if I need to add something?
Some clients will want to take full control of their websites once we are done with our work. For those who do, we hand over all files and transfer license to the theme used and then the client is on their own.

For those who need us to do updates to the theme used, or to update WordPress, if used, we offer a simple update maintenance plan. For those who wish us to become their webmaster and let us do all the work of updating, adding new content or pages, making changes, ect. we offer a premium “hands free” maintenance plan. Please see our “Extras” page for details.

Do I need to sign a contract?
Yes. Contracts are important and spell out the responsibilities of both parties in regards to the project and business relationship. We provide an easy to understand contract for you to look over, and sign, once you accept the terms of the agreement. This protects both you and us. We cannot proceed on the project without a signed contract.
Are there any website design projects you won't accept?
Yes. We reserve the right to refuse projects that will incorporate nudity, pornography, the promotion of hate speech of any kind or racial, ethnic or religious discrimination, or other similar objectionable content. We will be the sole judge of whether the content falls under the category of objectionable content.
What about customer support?
We provide 24/7 email customer support. We check our emails several times a day, so you can be sure of a prompt reply to your support request. Also, if requested, we can set up Skype support for you.
What if I have other questions?
If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by using our contact form. Thanks.

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